Thursday, May 31, 2007

Note to Self

While driving to work this morning I looked around as I sat at a major traffic intersection, waiting for what seemed like eons for the light to change. Everything looked muddy. I mean, not just the roads and stuff, but we have had a lot of rain lately and lots of areas of Kansas have been thoroughly flooded.

No, it was more than that, the repercussions of the weather. Everything just seemed so brown and bleak. Which was surprising to me. The weather this morning said storms would likely move in this afternoon but that this morning was clear and sunny. I looked up and saw big puffy clouds in the sky and I saw the sun as well, shining brightly from the east. It glinted sharply off traffic windows, another reminder that it was sunny.

I thought about it on the rest of the ride to work. So what is the matter with me that I’m seeing everything in such a drab and unappealing shade of brown? Life is pretty hectic right now. Work is sort of kicking my butt and I am consumed by a new story I’m writing for the website. But still, things didn’t seem so bad really. There have been lots of times when I was more bummed out than this.

I sighed, it seems so sad, that I’m looking at the world this way. Very little color, not able to see the beauty around me. Well hell, it looked beautiful if it just wasn’t so darn brown…

I got to work and pulled into the parking lot and turned the car off. I sat there for a moment, taking a few breaths before I went in to work. My whole day seemed spoiled somehow, my normally perky outlook clouded. Reluctantly I pulled the keys out of the ignition and tossed them into my purse and then reached to grab my lunch. As an after thought I pulled my sunglasses off and laid them in the console and then winced as I looked out the windshield. The sun was blaring in through the window, and the sky was vivid blue!

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t wear such dark brown tinted sunglasses again!